Here are some more facts about me:

I am the greatest Heart of Darkness fan ever!citation needed
Andy is my favourite character from Heart of Darkness
My favorite burger is the royal burger from Red Robin
I also love the burgers at Fat Burger even though they are too big for me
I drink only Brisk™ iced tea and sometimes fruit juice, hot chocolate, or lemon-aid
KFC is the best place to get chicken because of their secret recipe
My favorite penguins are emperor penguins
My favorite breed of dog is the Doberman Pinscher
I am obsessed with computers and video games from the 90s
Astronomy and the interplay of cosmic light and dark is one of my passions
I like writing stories including Heart of Darkness fanfictions and original works.
I am a boy who lives in Canada. That is a country on the planet Earth.
I am always thinking about Heart of Darkness and food.
Just like Andy, I have nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
I love to dress up as fictional characters but only Andy
I know the names of all 88 constellations and what they look like
I am currently trying to save up money to buy a new computer
But that is very hard because I like buying Heart of Darkness fan art