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Heart of Darkness

The Official Heart of Darkness Website
Though not truly "official" anymore, this was once the official Heart of Darkness site back in the day.
I brought it back with a lot of hard work and free time. If you're still interested in seeing a glitchy but for the most part functional archive of the original site you can click here.

The Heart of Darkness Repository
Abandoned in 2004 but still online by a miracle, the Heart of Darkness Repository (Version 3.0) might have given me a run for my money if it were still around today. They claim to be the only fan site and the best resource for the game. But that was in 2002.

Interplay's Heart of Darkness site
The Heart of Darkness section of Interplay's official website. Unfortunately many images are broken in this wayback archive.
An old page from this site that proves the game was going to be rated T can also be found here. It is digital proof that backs up the demo CD I have which shows Interplay (the North American publisher) was intending the game to be rated T(Teen) and that the fault of the E rating falls completely on the shoulders of the ESRB.

Ocean's Heart of Darkness site
The Heart of Darkness section of Ocean's official website. The wayback archive was kinder to us this time. *update* spoke too soon. Wayback's having a little bit of a temper tantrum as of late, some pages are inaccessible. Including these. I have uploaded a mirror here

VIE's Heart of Darkness site
As Virgin Interactive Entertainment was initially going to be the publisher, it makes sense they'd have a Heart of Darkness page on their website.
Unfortunately none of the images were saved in this archive.

IPlayGames' Heart of Darkness site
An unofficial website for Interplay games, the iplaygames mini site for Heart of Darkness hasn't really been successfully archived. Only the main page and the screenshots page were saved, and pages including story and reviews were never archived.
Interesting is this claim that it is "the biggest site on the 'net about Heart of Darkness." All things considered, based on what remained, it wasn't bigger than the repository so even if we disregard the hindsight of Finsterhund existing nearly two decades later that still couldn't really be considered true.

The Geocities Heart of Darkness fansite
The creator of this site was in contact with Amazing Studio themselves and had officially authorized desktop themes created. This was easily the most extensive and impressive fanmade website for Heart of Darkness, and for that reason it especially breaks my heart to let you know that Wayback archived practically nothing. No images, not the pages with interview from Fred, not the making of pages, not even all of the frames of the main page. Feel free to navigate through it yourself and wistfully crave what was lost.

Alt+f4 Heart of Darkness retrospective
(In French) this article is a neat little retrospective on the game, the author notably shares many of the same headcanon and fanon ideas about the world and "rules" of the shadows that I myself do. Heart of Darkness pages
The Game Demo website hosted the Web demo as well as a screenshot and a short synopsis for the game.

Have a Heart of Darkness website? Discovered one on your travels through the archives of the web of yesteryear? Send me an email by clicking the little Andy at the bottom righthand corner of my homepage and I'll add it here. I'm currently questing an essay about the theming of the game that used to be available online. It talked about how the violence of the monsters represent the childhood fear of being eaten, and other analogies. It was in French, if you know where I might find it, please let me know.



Old Web Finds

A real life "Whisky"
The personal website for an actual dog named Whiskey! As well as his sister. The page is from 1999.



Neat Neocities

These are cool NeoCities websites and other great Web 1.0 pages.